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@tgadget: Just a heads up, as some of you may know, Twitter, at the end of June, is changing permission levels, to default NOT allow 3rd party apps to read & write direct messages (http://trunc.it/h0g5x). Apps can be re-configured to request access to DM data, but, in the process, invalidates all "login with TwitterGadget" accounts in the process. As such, very soon, you will have to re-execute the "login with Twitter" process, at a location you have access to Twitter, to re-authorize TwitterGadget for DM access, and then re-establish / re-save your TwitterGadget account, in order to use the "login with TwitterGadget" option. If you do not use the TwitterGadget account feature, you will still be required to logout and log back in via "login with Twitter" in order to have full TwitterGadget functionality. Details to follow.

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Created: Jun 08, 2011 - 12:16:52 PM (CDT)