Shorten URLs

Want to transform a large, cumbersome URL into a tidy, short one? Whether you are sending someone a URL link in email or posting to Twitter, we can turn your large URL into a short, handy one. Simply enter the URL in the box above and click ‘Shorten’.

Shorten Tweets

We can help you shorten your Twitter message to under 140 characters by using:

  • Standard English grammar rules
  • Popular SMS/TXT abbreviations
  • URL shortening
  • U.S. state abbreviations
  • Magic 🙂

Upload Media Files

Need a place to host images or videos?! can host your images/videos and supply you with a short URL link to use on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Digg, Reddit, or anywhere you’d like.


Large URLs can be hard to work with,! will take a URL like this:

and turn it into this:

Toolbar Bookmarklet

Use! right in your Browser’s Toolbar! 
Simply click on the! bookmarklet and the page you’re visiting will have a! link created for it. Easy. 

1. Create the bookmarklet

Bookmarklet link:!

  • IE: Right Click the bookmarklet above and select “Add To Favorites”
  • Firefox, Chrome, Safari Click and drag the bookmarklet to your toolbar

2. Use the bookmarklet

If you are visiting a web page that you’d like create a! link for, then:

  • IE: from your favorites, select “!
  • Firefox, Chrome, Safari Click the “!” icon in your toolbar

Embed us on your site

Want! on your website? Simply use the following code to make an input box: 

The above HTML code will generate the following input box: